Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sacred Flames and Tantric Union

God is asking for the return in consciousness of Sacred Flames. Those Beings called to this reunion will be of a certain level of consciousness who have agreed on some level to restore the cosmic DNA patterns-- the original divine blueprints of the immaculate concept-- and anchor it in this dimension. The birth of the Real Sacred Flame energies on Earth is the most important, most critical ingredient to the transformation of this world, for they are on the leading edge of returning the Divine consciousness to the individual soul.

Sacred Flames are the lock and the key that together open the way to humanity's transformation and transcendence beyond the ego. The moment of conscious joining (on any level of consciousness) turns the key in the lock. The moment you Connect, whether together physically or in higher consciousness, you are eligible for direct delivery of Pure Light. Those who feel this powerful magnetic tug from the heart are now being instructed to put forth their individual call for their beloved NOW for several reasons;

1) To awaken humanity,
2) To use this conscious Union to assist in transmuting the energy forms on this dimension within the agreed upon time frame and
3) To return this Earth to its true reality of rich, verdant life and beauty, to abundance and ecstasy in perfect pattern and form.

Until the heart is open there is no access to the Sacred Flame. As your heart becomes centered in love, vibrating in Love, that Love will (must) manifest before you.

~Tantric Union~

As the feminine energies heat up in LoveMaking, opening wider in preparation to receive the masculine energies, so too does every cell in the body, once heated by Love, open up in preparation to receive electrons from their beloved into the actual cells themselves, thus becoming impregnated with new life . When fusion takes place as the electrons collide in the heart of the atom, a connection is made to the ONGOING MOMENT OF CREATION (the Big Bang). This is literally a Star Gate. This is also the Moment of Creation in the heart womb between you and your beloved.

As every chakra (energy center) exchanges atoms, as well as your cells, you will experience ecstasy beyond your wildest imaginings… a million times more than anything your little mind has created through the sexual union you now experience, for you will recognize these waves of ecstasy~~~~~~~~~~~~. You are connected to the Cosmic Orgasm.

Every electron, whose job it is to deliver Light (love in motion), is returned to the ultimate source, refilled with the purest Light, and returned to the womb of your creation to be sent forth to create whatever you hold in the THOUGHT mold within this womb between you.

Since whatever you see from the position of this Union at this moment is what you will create, this requires discipline of both thought and feeling. Once connected with your beloved Sacred Flame through the heart field, you become a Creation Machine. Inherent in the choice and agreement to join as Sacred Flame energies in Sacred Sexuality is the discipline, humility and awareness that go with it.

Sacred Sexuality is the Sacred Alchemical Marriage, the Holy Grail. To achieve this is to touch in perfect Love, to see in perfect Love, and completely open every particle of your Being to giving perfect Love, firmly establishing God at the apex of your union. Your Sacred Flame union is the holy of holies within which you have the ability to heal the fabric of this world and return it to its glory.

*It is only as we become Love that Love will become what we see and what we live. It is now time to awaken!



The primal forces of creation are present at every single level of life and are, in fact, sexual in nature. Every galaxy, planet, star and life-form in existence from the macrocosm to the microcosm is born of sexual union; the interaction and fusion of the two primal energies – the Divine Feminine (negative polarity) and the Divine Masculine (positive polarity).

Every cell in your body is a hologram of you. You are a hologram of God. (In a hologram, there is no end, and God is absolutely present in every part of creation.) Therefore, every single cell in your body is a sexual, conscious being, not just a few cells located in the area of your genitalia. The purpose of Sacred Sexuality is to consciously create More Love with the full spectrum of your available energy in exchange with the energy of your complementary pattern – your Sacred Flame. Approach this union with the deepest reverence and gratitude.

First, and always, invoke the presence of God and surrender your Will to God's higher Will, intending that your LoveMaking include God's pure love, direction, and protection. Seal your creation in light to protect it as your bring it forth into manifestation.

Next, make a choice to move from the ego into your heart, for you cannot connect in ego. Discern if, at the level of your being, you are female or male energy and fully accept and embody either the energy of the Divine Mother or the Divine Father light.

Connect with your beloved on whatever level you can make contact. It can be an intuitive sense or even just an affirmation of your surety that your Sacred Flame is with you.
Join your hearts (the critical step! Do not ever leave it out or you may end up creating "anti-love" energy.)Unite your chakras, including those above and below your body, creating a double helix of energy movement.

If you are together physically, begin awakening the very cells of your beloved's body by pouring love from your heart through your touch. **If you are with them only in thought, imagine this activity. Excite the electrons within each cell with the heat of this love, gently, tenderly caressing your beloved.
Pour forth this love so completely, opening each of your own cells to your beloved. This love must be real and generated from the heart. It cannot be distorted by selfishness or any lower energy. Notice how much space is between the cells as the light of your atoms literally exchanges place with that of your lover, uniting you as one.

*Expand this heat, exciting the electrons, and maintain it for as long as possible while pouring your love ceaselessly to your beloved in great waves of ecstasy. The more love you give, the more light is released, and the more flows through your own system as it is drawn from higher dimensions. With a continual prayer of gratitude, choose complete union beyond any and all ego and you will truly call the electrons into a state where your beings will knit together through the energy centers of the chakras in a pattern of energy that is so powerful that it is equivalent to the atom bomb.;)

Visualize a Womb of Creation between your two hearts. Your Double Helix intersects there, uniting you as One. Meditate together, allowing the full receptivity to make your Womb of Creation fertile and ready to receive life. Join with Divine Mother.

*Envision your desired creation and ensure that your intended creation is for the higher good of all.

Now, plant the seed. Speak aloud what you are planting. Connect with the Source, the penetrating light, knowing it is this light that has the power of planting the seed.

Feed your creation, by each fully allowing your femaleness or maleness to become an open channel for the Divine Female or Divine Male. Be sure that the energy pouring from you into your Womb of Creation is coming from Source, from the highest level of female or male, from the point where these energies move forth from God into Creation.
In this world of density, it requires dynamic feeling to move the energy. Keep your feelings UP. It will not suffice to simply be peaceful and serene with thoughts centered on God. It will not suffice to simply open your heart. The feelings of love and ecstasy must expand until they reach the point of critical mass.

Bring your creation to the physical plane by taking time to visualize your creation as clearly as possible as it will appear in the world. Feel it. Experience it. If you have difficulty doing this, describe verbally exactly what it will feel like, look like, and how you will experience it.

Then, together, visualize your throat chakras joined together, as part of that Double Helix that is your Sacred Flame energy. Then, in unison, say, "It is created. It is now done.".) You can also add any other powerful and definitive words of affirmation.

If you are physically with your beloved, when you do move your LoveMaking to the act of intercourse, seek to climax together and visualize this New Brilliant Dancing Light of Love in your joint heart blasting out in all directions to bathe the entire planet.

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